Increase productivity

Rudolph Technologies’ Metrology and Inspection Training allows your employees to participate in specialized levels of training, from basic operations to applications and advanced maintenance.

All of our courses are designed to ensure that your tool can function consistently and at its highest productivity level.

Rudolph courses are delivered by certified instructors with dedicated training tools using methodologies based on the SEMI E150 Performance Based Equipment Training (PBET) standard. This method of learning emphasizes skills learning by allowing the students sufficient time for hands-on practical experience that they require in order for them to “master” each skill. All coursework is pre-defined and structured with an effective balance of classroom theory and hands-on practice, while constantly maintaining clear objectives.

What are some of the expected benefits of training at Rudolph?

  • Increased productivity – students learn the skills that are required in order for them to operate and maintain the tool the way that it was designed – consistently and at maximum efficiency.
  • Improved product throughput – your operators, engineers and technicians can master techniques that allow them to improve your manufacturing process.
  • Decreased downtime – students learn how to diagnose simple problems and perform preventive maintenance, allowing your tool to continually operate at its peak performance level.

For more information on classes or schedules, contact one of our Training Centers:

Inspection and Probe Card Test & Analysis Products:
(Global) +1 952.259.1666; Email

Metrology Products:
(USA) 1-877-467-8365; (Global) +1-973-448-4401; Email