E/B Module

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E/B Module

The E30™ + B30™ Inspection Module combines both edge and backside inspection into one enclosure.

The Class 1 certified E30 and B30 modules (available separately or combined in one module) can automatically detect defects on the entire edge, from zone 1 to 5, and the entire backside. The ability to inspect the entire backside allows for faster root-cause analysis of zone 5 defects since such defects can migrate from the wafer interior.

  • Detects blister defects
  • Detects slurry, cleaning contaminants and residual films
  • Performs automated Edge Bead Removal metrology
  • Detects chips and cracks
  • Addresses contamination issues
  • Finds delamination defects
  • Finds backside particles and unwanted residues
  • Detects scratches and defect clusters