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Automated defect inspection for 200mm, 300mm and 450mm unpatterned wafers

The modular AWX™ Series consists of an automation platform with wafer transfer and sorting capability to be combined with up to two inspection modules for frontside, edge and backside inspection. Future metrology upgrades can easily be incorporated without changing the automation platform.





Frontside Inspection – FSI
Laser darkfield inspection detecting particles, scratches, area defects, and micro roughness (haze) on bare wafers.

Backside Inspection – BSI
High sensitivity darkfield laser scattering system to detect particles, scratches, area defects, and haze at the wafer backside without flipping.

Edge Inspection – EDI
CCD camera system with darkfield and brightfield illumination. It detects scratches, particles, chip-outs and roughness on the wafer edge.

Edge and Backside Inspection – EBI
Combines the backside wafer inspection module and the edge wafer inspection module for parallel operation of edge and backside wafer defect inspection.

Automatic Defect Classification – ADC
Automatically classifies defects on the wafer backside and edge.

  • 300mm and 450mm wafers
  • Backside sensitivity down to 200 nm
  • Haze information for wafer backside
  • Sub micrometer edge sensitivity
  • Up to three 300 mm loadports
  • Sorting capability
  • Flexible tool configuration by combining two inspection modules:
  1. FSI frontside inspection
  2. EDI edge defect inspection module
  3. BSI backside defect  inspection module
  4. EBI edge and backside module
  • Field upgradable
  • Automatic defect classification with customer definable defect classes
  • Outgoing quality inspection in bare wafer manufacturing for edge and backside
  • Incoming quality inspection of bare wafers
  • Sub-micron edge inspection applications
  • High sensitive backside inspection applications for litho areas
  • Tool monitoring for particle adders in front-end and back-end areas