For semiconductor manufacturers

Designed and Engineered for Advanced Packaging

In order to increase the number of I/Os, to enhance functionality and power efficiency, to increase frequency and to reduce form-factors and thickness of ICs and other devices, semiconductor manufacturers are moving to advanced packaging technologies. Fan-out wafer level packaging (FO-WLP), fan-in wafer level chip scale packaging (WLCSP), flip-chip and 2.5D/3D packaging represent only some of the approaches used today. While front-end manufacturers have moved wafer sizes in well-defined fashion, the back-end / advanced packaging world is not always constrained to such specific sizes. Specifically Fan-out WLP are manufactured on reconstituted wafers that are non-standard sizes between 300mm and 450mm. They can also be fabricated on rectangular glass panels and rectangular organic laminates. However, the associated substrates and processes can be a challenge--the added performance requires finer features, but the stressful processes required can result in warped substrates. Since most packaging is an additive process, thick films are used to enable the creation of features. In order for equipment to effectively function in this environment, it must overcome these challenges.

Rudolph’s JetStep® Advanced Packaging Lithography Systems have been specifically designed to meet these challenges head on. Choose the JetStep W Series for manufacturing wafers or round substrates or choose the JetStep S Series for square or rectangular substrates. Both systems boast a large printable field combined with user-selectable wavelength options to maximize throughput while not limiting resolution when needed. High-fidelity optics image the fine features required while at the same time achieving superior depth of focus to minimize non-flatness effects. On-the-fly auto focus and an innovative reticle management system improve yield and utilization. These unique features—and more—are available today in a revolutionary lithography system specifically designed to meet advanced packaging challenges.

JetStep W Series

2x reduction stepper for advanced packaging applications on wafers or round substrates

JetStep S Series

Stepper designed for advanced packaging lithography on square or rectangular substrates up to Gen 3.5 size