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July 16, 2014

Think Outside the Box for Advanced Packaging

Silicon Semiconductor, July 2014

We must think "outside the box" for new approaches in advanced pacaking

As semiconductor devices have continued to shrink in size and grow in complexity, manufacturers have had to develop advanced packaging techniques to accommodate the rapidly increasing number and density of connections required to communicate with the outside world. Often these technologies have developed as adaptations of front-end
methods. While there is certainly value to be found in using these well characterized processes, we must be careful not to carry along old
baggage that may prove unnecessary in the new application.

For instance, while front-end manufacturing has historically been tied to round silicon wafers, this may not be the ideal shape and material for advanced packaging substrates. Embedded die, fan-out and interposer
based packages can often be manufactured more conveniently and efficiently on larger, rectangular substrates made of glass, molded
or organic panels. Our ability to think “outside of the box” for new approaches in advanced packaging will enable economy of scale efficiency gains and cost savings in the future.

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