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February 7, 2013

Developments in Advanced Packaging Lithography: Q&A with Rudolph Technologies

SEMI Global Update, February 2013

Rudolph’s marketing vice president, Ardy Johnson, answers SEMI questions about recent developments in advanced packaging lithography and explains the company’s strategy in entering the market.

SEMI: What are the important customer requirements in Advanced Packaging lithography?

Johnson: Advanced packaging (AP) requires emerging capabilities from steppers to accommodate the needed design changes demanded by new technologies such as TSV, eWLB, silicon and glass interposers and other advanced wafer-level packaging solutions now being developed. In addition to the need for higher resolution as the package features follow an inevitable trend to smaller sizes, challenges include wafer flatness, automated partial field exposures and large, non-standard substrate shapes and sizes.

At a higher level, as their processes become more expensive and more complex, advanced package manufacturers are increasingly adopting process control and yield improvement strategies from the front end.  Both semiconductor manufacturers and OSAT providers need partners that deliver leading-edge, back-end technology along with complete process solutions. Specifically, the advanced packaging market needs a stepper supplier willing to be flexible and capable of delivering unique solutions for their requirements, and a process control partner that can deliver improved production systems for advanced packaging applications.

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